After the Civil War 2.0 – America’s New Dollar

I think America needs an honest discourse with itself; this is the greatest country in the world, by default. But we could actually be the greatest country that ever existed, if we were just honest about who we are and what we are and where we want to go…

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Declare Independence! Start Your Own Currency!

declare_independence_bjorkInspired by Bjork’s song, Declare Independence, this design features a portrait of the singer and song lyrics. This is my first note design to feature paint swirls, which gives it a Pop Art feel that takes the edge of the transgressive sentiment of the song. They’re not actual paint swirls, but Illustrator-generated patterns that come from my experiments with generative and randomized design…

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The Real Reason Why I Like To Design Money

3009718-poster-1920-why-bill-gates-bought-da-vincis-notebooksSince I started designing banknotes, I’ve given numerous talks on the subject. A lot people say to me “so there’s actually people who design money? I never knew!” Given that this is a highly niche area, where art, design, print numerous other processes converge, I’ve found the most accessible way to introduce the subject to people is to simply talk about why I like it.

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Upcoming Events in the Currency World

05–09 SEPTEMBER 2016


Beirut, Lebanon

After successful events in 2012 and 2014, MAP has become an established international conference in banknotes printing and coins minting, organised by the central bank of Lebanon BDL – cash operations department .

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How To Live After Your Culture Has Died


The Everett-Wheeler model of the space-time implies that all possible outcomes have happened, are happening, and will happen, across an infinite number of timelines. For example, in another timeline, The Third Reich won WWII. In another timeline, the Third Reich won WWII, but Adolf Hitler was black. In another timeline, the allies won WWII, but primates fought the whole war. You get the idea. Our timeline – the one we experience – is experienced by us precisely because it happens to be the most probable scenario of this timeline.

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3 Out 5 Texans Support Secession If Hillary Wins Presidency

From ZeroHedge

TXIn a shocking testament to just how divided our politics have become, a new Texas poll from Public Policy Polling shows that 60% of Trump supporters in Texas would spport secession from the United States if Hillary wins the White House.  This comes as Hillary’s unfavorable ratings among Trump supporters were a “disappointing” 99% and despite the fact that the poll also finds that Trump is only leading the state, a typical Republican stronghold, by 6 points.

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How to be an artist in 2016, and beyond, with one simple distinction.


What does it mean to be an artist in 2016? I remember when I was writing essays at university, they used to stay ‘contextualize your argument’. So in the same spirit, let’s contextualize our artistic careers for a moment…

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The Art School Of The Future

“Day 1: a teenager excitedly enters the large, white D-Hall. It is pristine white, round, featureless, with bright strip lighting – nowhere to hide. Nothing is made here. The only function of the D-Hall is show-and-tell (D stands for Deconstruction). The Newbie (the official name for incoming students) must present a work of art he’s made over the summer, based on a brief given to him with his Letter of Acceptance. The thirty selected students were given a randomly generated name and asked to make an artwork titled with that name. There are no tutors present. Instead, there is the entire Final Year class – thirty men and women, aged between 22 and 23, standing with feet wide apart and crossed arms, in a closed circle.

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Worlds Made By Hand


Having recently finished reading The Harrows of Spring, the fourth and final novel of Jim Kunstler’s World Made By Hand series, I couldn’t help but compare and contrast his dystopian post economic collapse America versus our current warped egocentric pre-economic collapse America. His world made by hand is forced upon Americans who have survived some sort of conflict resulting in the destruction of Washington D.C. and Los Angeles by nuclear blasts.

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Non-Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

Recently I’ve been playing with non-repeating pattern effects with Illustrator… I would like to see more non-repeating motifs in security documents, such as banknotes. The patterned designs on banknotes originate from the mechanical technology originally used to make complex geometric turnings. At the time (over 100 years ago) this technology was unavailable to most commercial printers. It was therefore considered secure (i.e. hard to copy).

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