I'm an artist. My work includes drawing, writing, music, sculpture and video. I'm also involved in the design and production of new currencies and economic systems, and I give lectures on art, culture and theory.

I've always liked to live between fine art and applied arts. Fine Art offers a space of pure expression, while Applied Arts puts expression to work in the world. In terms of banknote production, I see the role of art to ultimately redefine the human financial system, at a time when our financial system will be redefined by necessity.

I've been interested in the concept of money and the design of banknotes since childhood. I can remember making crude forgeries without Photoshop, and using a school photocopier to print 'sheets' of notes. The rest of my time was spent drawing and painting. After school, I took the Foundation course at Leeds College.

Slade interview polaroid (2004)

Slade BA final show poster (2008)

After Leeds, I went to the Slade School of Fine Art, London, where I attended the 4 year BA course. While at Slade, I was selected to go to the Cooper Union School (New York). My experience in New York - the city, and the people I met - catalyzed a lot of the ideas and interests I have today.

Sunrise from the roof of Cooper Union, New York

Near the site of 9/11, September 11 2006

I graduated in 2008, then the financial crisis of 2008-9 took place. I became obsessed with researching the nature of money, global politics and emerging trends in as-yet-unnamed fields. These interests inspired gallery shows, books, writing and global travel, and eventually led me to completely reject a typical gallery artists' career.

I returned to something that had always interested me: money, and the design of paper money. I really consider the banknote to be the ultimate art object, with unending creative possibilities. I design money and other security documents for countries, regions and organizations.

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