The Arabian Arctic Authority

As the poles migrate, the new equator will migrate also. The final destination is not certain, but best guesses indicate that the new equator will run past Spain, UK, Norway, over Russia, past Alaska, down through the Pacific, bisect Antarctica, and back up through the Atlantic.

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One Hundred Pounds Sterling

I’m not currently living in the United Kingdom, but I take the pulse of the UK mainstream media every so often, just to check if its still alive. I see only debilitating messages from the liberal media. The intelligent person has to wonder, exactly whose side is the media on? I know that bad news sells, but the lack of pride and optimism is embarrassingly out of step in such an aspirational age.

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Magic and You

My grandpa once told us about the time he and grandma were at a party. At some point at this party someone brought out a Ouija board. Everybody sat round and began to hold the pointer and ask the board questions. Everybody’s hands slowly moved. More questions were asked, and the pointer moved faster and faster. According to my grandpa, it was moving so fast; it was a challenge to keep up with what it was spelling. Then someone asked the board, “is there a God?” Without hand contact, the pointer flew off the table and smashed into wall. Grandpa grabbed my grandma and left the party immediately.

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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Performance Art’

Here’s performance artist Marina Abramovich performing Relation In Time:

…and here’s pole dancer Anastasia Skukhtorova:


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PART II – Designing Local Currencies

indepedent currenciesIn part I, entitled ‘Independent Currencies for Dummies’, I offered a brief overview of the Local Currency sphere. And being a follower of all kinds of economic and social forecasting, I added my view on the FUTURE of Local currencies – a future that I consider to be very positive. Now in Part II, I’m going to discuss the visual design of local currencies…

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After the Civil War 2.0 – America’s New Dollar

I think America needs an honest discourse with itself; this is the greatest country in the world, by default. But we could actually be the greatest country that ever existed, if we were just honest about who we are and what we are and where we want to go…

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Declare Independence! Start Your Own Currency!

declare_independence_bjorkInspired by Bjork’s song, Declare Independence, this design features a portrait of the singer and song lyrics. This is my first note design to feature paint swirls, which gives it a Pop Art feel, taking the edge of the transgressive sentiment of the song. They’re not actual paint swirls, but Illustrator-generated patterns that come from my experiments with generative and randomized design…

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The Real Reason Why I Like To Design Money

3009718-poster-1920-why-bill-gates-bought-da-vincis-notebooksSince I started designing banknotes, I’ve given numerous talks on the subject. A lot people say to me “so there’s actually people who design money? I never knew!” Given that this is a highly niche area, where art, design, print numerous other processes converge, I’ve found the most accessible way to introduce the subject to people is to simply talk about why I like it.

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How To Live After Your Culture Has Died


The Everett-Wheeler model of the space-time implies that all possible outcomes have happened, are happening, and will happen, across an infinite number of timelines. For example, in another timeline, The Third Reich won WWII. In another timeline, the Third Reich won WWII, but Adolf Hitler was black. In another timeline, the allies won WWII, but primates fought the whole war. You get the idea. Our timeline – the one we experience – is experienced by us precisely because it happens to be the most probable scenario of this timeline.

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How to be an artist in 2016, and beyond, with one simple distinction.


What does it mean to be an artist in 2016? I remember when I was writing essays at university, they used to stay ‘contextualize your argument’. So in the same spirit, let’s contextualize our artistic careers for a moment…

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