The Arabian Arctic Authority

As the poles migrate, the new equator will migrate also. The final destination is not certain, but best guesses indicate that the new equator will run past Spain, UK, Norway, over Russia, past Alaska, down through the Pacific, bisect Antarctica, and back up through the Atlantic.

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One Hundred Pounds Sterling

I’m not currently living in the United Kingdom, but I take the pulse of the UK mainstream media every so often, just to check if its still alive. I see only debilitating messages from the liberal media. The intelligent person has to wonder, exactly whose side is the media on? I know that bad news sells, but the lack of pride and optimism is embarrassingly out of step in such an aspirational age.

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The War On Cash: What I’m Doing About It

It’s been called ‘The War On Cash’. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume you’re already aware, to some degree, of the push to discourage cash transactions globally. This push is coming from the-powers-that-be, who’ve decided that cash is an obstacle in their plans. This trend is interesting, for it holds financial, philosophical and metaphysical dimensions. By that I mean, if none of us chose this money system, then it’s been chosen for us. So, transcending this current system represents an unprecedented level of self-determination in the hands of humanity. God forbid – if we actually had a money system that was of our CHOOSING, our freedom would be limited only by our imaginations…

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The Real Value Of Cash

By Lance Roberts

It’s the Fed’s fault.Over the past several years, the Federal Reserve has forced interest rates lower in an all-out assault on “cash.” The theory was simple. Make returns on “cash” so low it is forced out of savings account and into risk assets. 

It worked.

But here is the problem.

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This Is What Venezuela’s New, Vertical, Banknotes, Now With Added Zeros Look Like

From ZeroHedge 

We’ve all been eagerly waiting to see them: Venezuela’s crisp,brand new yet soon to be hyperinflated with many more zeros banknotes, and finally, after various failed attempts to deliver the new bills to Caracas (which according to Maduro were at least partially aborted due to pesky CIA meddling) they have arrived. And they are vertical.

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Currency vs Language

By Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do language and currencies move in line with each other? Is language a leading indicator to currency i.e. Spanish in California. Will they create their own currency if they separate from the states?

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Imacon Color Scanner
Scandinavia – Leader in the War on Cash

By Martin Armstrong at

The Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark and Norway are regarded as a pioneer in the the effort to eliminate money and move totally electronic. Denmark closed its final Mint outsourced the operation to Finland. This means that there is no coinage in the three states struck anymore. In this war on cash, about 20% of all transactions were settled in Denmark last year with cash. In Germany and Austria, cash transactions accounted for 80%. Scandinavia is pushing hard to eliminate all cash completely to enable 100% efficient tax collecting.

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Modi’s Fantastic Promises

By Author Jayant Bhandari from

There is still huge support for Modi even among the poor.  A big carrot is dangled before them, which makes many stay numb to their current suffering.  During his election campaign in 2014, Modi promised to deposit more than Rs 1.5 million (~$22,000) in each poor person’s account once the government had seized all black money.

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The War on Cash: India, Sweden, Ukraine, Citibank

Governments and banks are banning cash. It’s their property, they can do what they like. If you want paper currency, the safest bet is to start your own. Here are four recent articles on cash bans and the move to digital…


– via ZeroHedge

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The Top #5 Most Important Assets

As capital rushes faster around the globe, leaving air pockets, as governments impose bans on cash, as countries prepare to convert to electronic currencies, as cryptocurrency markets get hacked, as governments bonds begin their inevitable crash, as checkpoints are being set up to confiscate precious metals, as house prices are falling and taxes on housing are rising… people are asking: WHERE DO I PUT MY MONEY?

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