Shift, Incoming

Saturday morning. Dolphin Square. Not a cloud in the autumn London sky. No smog, no chemtrails, just blue bathed by the clean glare of the rising sun behind an Easterly apartment block. Not a sound, save for the water fountain in the middle of the square.

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Jack looked down from the top of the Pennines, East, towards Newcastle. It was sunrise at the retreat. He knew that soon the water would be coming in. He knew it was coming, but he couldn’t quite believe it. Everything he’d worked for, everything he’d given up; his jobs, his girlfriends, the things he could have done, would have done, should have done – it had all led up to this moment. Now it was finally here.

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Q: So, what you’re saying is, the financial system is going to implode, I’m going to lose all my money, the EU is going to collapse, the USA is going to descend into chaos, Planet X is going to tag the world’s gravitational field, there’s going to be tidal waves and tsunamis and earthquakes, whole continents are going to sink underwater, new pandemics are going to sweep across the earth, there’ll be 300mph winds, record low temperatures, planes are going to fall out of the sky, plants and animals will die, there’ll be no food to eat, aliens are going to arrive and pretend to be our saviors, everything we’ve been told has been misinformation… and you say the solution is POSITIVITY?!?”

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The Resolution

Shamelessly and fearlessly imagine what you want. Picture it, walk around it, see it from all angles, and assume you’ve already got it. Then go after it. Let it take over. Be obsessed. Broadcast your obsession… And repeat.

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The Solution To Internet Censorship

The Internet is being pulled apart. Anything that doesn’t conform to a politically correct status quo is being targeted. Internet privacy is non-existent. But I’ve found a solution. The solution is straightforward, easy to follow, robust, and allows complete privacy. The solution is relatively low cost, requires no power, minimal maintenance, and can withstand power outages and EMP…

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The Good News: Your World WILL Collapse

The world is splitting in two. The split has taken two decades to form, now the players on the stage are taking their final positions, before the last fissure makes two completely separate worlds. The divide is between those who are ready to embrace change, and those stubborn trees who refuse to bend in the wind. The divide is between those who are questioning reality, and those who defend the existing reality. The divide is between those who are truly living the avante garde, by defying the laws of culture, and those who are merely paying lip service to change. The divide is between self-development, and ideology. The divide is between those who are walking the path of self-growth and exploration, and those who think that walking the path of self-growth is posting a Tony Robbins quote and a picture of a sunrise on Facebook.

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The Future Not For Wimps: It Is For The Sensitive.

Eating a healthy diet is, in fact, a process of becoming more sensitive, and in the process, becoming more self-aware. For example, in my experience, going without eating a cucumber for three months has very little consequence. But if I were to eat white bread, it would throw my hormone levels out of balance and I would have mood swings and elevated levels of hunger for 3 days. I have sensitized by body to the hormone-altering effects of processed wheat. I would also feel similar effects if I were to eat white sugar, red meat, caffeine…and don’t even ask about alcohol: the last time I succumbed to peer pressure and drank a ¼ pint as part of a drinking game, I could not walk in a straight line for 2 days.

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France’s Hollande Reveals “Tsipras Wanted To Print Drachmas In Russia”

From ZeroHedge

putin-popcornConfirming what we noted in 2015, French President Francois Hollande revealed that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wanted to print Drachmas in Russia.

As KeepTalkingGreece.com details, in a book “Presidents should not talk about such things” Hollande speaks about a conservation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin in summer of 2015, the peak of the Greek crisis before the government surrendered to the European lenders.

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Can You Be Homeless And Feel ‘At Home’?

One of the most pernicious mechanisms of modern life is the Mortgage. Why? Yes, we already know that a mortgage is debt, and debt is a form of slavery – this should not be news to anyone. The Mortgage leverages the human desire for a home, with gainful employment, which is the most precarious form of labour.

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Upcoming Events in the Currency World

05–09 SEPTEMBER 2016


Beirut, Lebanon

After successful events in 2012 and 2014, MAP has become an established international conference in banknotes printing and coins minting, organised by the central bank of Lebanon BDL – cash operations department .

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