The Present As Comet Trail To The Future

THE PRESENT AS COMET TRAIL TO THE FUTURE is an illustrated essay on the subject of time and time travel, futurism, causality, aspiration, and consciousness itself.

“I’ve always been interested in time. For the first years 2 years of my life, I didn’t speak a word of English. When I finally spoke, the first word I uttered was “clock”. I was fascinated by anything round, and anything capable of keeping time, so I’m told. In honour of this first word, I incorporate a clock face in my signature. Was I, as a baby, intuitively aware of a fact that eludes human society? – that “keeping time” is an absurdity. In order to fit into human society, I’ve now accepted this absurdity as normal, but it doesn’t stop the fact: whatever you consider ‘time’ to be, that it is how time will be experienced by you. If you segment time into hours, minutes and seconds, you commodify time, and so you make it scarce. In this scarcity, you facilitate schedules, to-do lists, deadlines, and life is just a series of plans made, plans executed; past and future, but never NOW. If you choose to experience time in the flow of night and day, then you may find “all the time in the world”, in the present, for always…”

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