These are a collection of works I call 'Entanglements'. I consider an Entanglement to be any artwork that references a perturbation in space-time, that doesn't fit into any other category of my practice.

Entanglement No.3: Three surfaces with identical fractures.
Entanglement No.11 | Liver To Heart: Documentation of surgical 'performance', in which a pig's liver is surgically re-formed into a pig heart.
Entanglement No.15 | Catastrophe: Polymer Clay, Paint
Entanglement No.22 | Zero-Point Economy, Broken Glass, Wood, Paint Gallery view, with 'The Refusal of Failure' reflected:
Entanglement No.26 | (Dedicated to Marcel Duchamp): The broken surface of 'The Large Glass' by Marcel Duchamp is replicated three times.

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