The Perpetual Renaissance

The Perpetual Renaissance is a collection of transcripts from various lectures, given between 2012-2015. The lectures cover various political and philosophical topics, all on the theme of Liberalism, or the transcendence of Liberalism.

Excerpt, from the London Lecture, 12/07/2015:

“Here’s a good diagram for what we’re going to discuss now… in the day-to-day, there is ‘Political Correctness’. Then, there’s Liberal Ideology. Liberal Ideology is the rationale for Political Correctness. Political Correctness trickles down, takes its orders – if you will – from Liberal Ideology. Political Correctness is the everyday reflex, but if you’re writing an essay, you can go read up on some Liberal Ideology, and you’ll find it matches up – it justifies – Political Correctness. But there’s a third level: behind Liberal Ideology, there’s an agenda. And that agenda is Transhumanism. How do I know this? It’s simple really… if you look at who has funded every single Liberal social movement in the last 150 years, you’ll find it all leads back to the same group of people, who all have a Transhuman agenda. This agenda is very dark. It’s cynical, it’s dark, it’s anti-human. And these people are very candid, very open about what they’ve got planned. We’re going to talk about that – in detail… Here’s what’s happened: Liberalism is the reaction against Religion. In reaction to Religion, we’ve had Marxism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Atheism, Animal Rights, the New Age, Multiculturalism, and the other isms that make up Liberal Ideology. Now it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Marxism or Multiculturalism or whatever, you find the same pattern: the early adopters meant well, but they were gradually bought out by an establishment, and in each case, every movement began to indicate Transhuman philosophies. The basic fact is, you might mean well… but if you buy into Political Correctness, and Liberalism, you have bought into Transhumanism, by default. Poltical Correctness soothes. It takes the psychological edge off a radical Transhuman agenda, it eases you in. That’s all well and good. But the flaw in Transhumanism is that it denies your human potential. Transhumanism is fine, if you think the ceiling on your potential is just to feed and fuck. But if you’re honest with yourself, every one of you knows that you are much more than biological imperatives, don’t you think?… so what I’m going to do now, is unpack everything I’ve just said, and we’re going to go through it… in detail. And by the end, you won’t want to hear about Liberalism ever again…because you’ll know there’s a better alternative just round the corner… This isn’t just about some conspiracy theory. Once you know what Liberalism is, you’ll understand that it induces certain reflexes in you that decreases your quality of life. It stifles you. Liberalism is marketed as freedom, but it delivers only a temporary high. Ultimately, ideology prevents you from accessing real self-trust and self-acceptance – real freedom. How do you know freedom if you’ve never had it? We outgrew religion 300 years ago, and we found Liberalism. Now we’ve outgrown Liberal Ideology, and we’re going to find real personal freedom, at the very least. At the most, we’re going to avert a dead-end Transhuman future and break through into new levels of ourselves – our individual selves, and the human species as a whole. Freedom on that level would mean we would be able to continuously re-identify ourselves, no technology or manipulation required: a kind of perpetual Renaissance… “

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