Seamless Breakage

Part scientific paper, part sermon, SEAMLESS BREAKAGE is a discourse on the phenomenon of breaking without rupture, wound or destruction. The starting point for this book was my work with video – I discovered that any audio clip was just a succession of musical tones, and if I cut at a specific moment, I could make music from any video or sound clip. In this way, I was ‘breaking’ up the material, whilst turning it into a completely new form, without ever ‘destroying’ the original. This became the technique for my video work.

But what are the philosophical implications of doing this? As I thought about it, I found this same process everywhere: in nature, mass media, the internet, marine biology, contract law, organised religion, geopolitics, music, capitalism, product design, technological aspiration, terrorism – the zeitgeist of the early third millennium.

The book starts with music, identifies the ‘Seamless Breakage’ in all things, and concludes with an alchemical symbol – the egg that turns inside-out, without breaking.

Sample Illustrations:

10 Seamless Breakage pages

Egg Turning Inside-Out Without Breaking (print):

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